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Our story

Our story begins in January 2020 under the name Beatmatch where we begin mentoring and supporting companies and sports organizations on digital matters. On January 24, 2022, we left Beatmatch behind and officially changed our name to ByTomorrow. As of the name change, we offer content and production services in addition to marketing.

From Dieren to Veenendaal:
We started Beatmatch from an office above a garage in Dieren. Two weeks after the name change to ByTomorrow, we also exchanged our office for a nice office building on the Newtonstraat in Veenendaal. In the new office in Veenendaal we can continue to grow our story and work on the stories of our clients.

Together with our partners we are expanding our services with services that are in line with our vision. For example, with our partner Allus Media we provide various productions for Ziggo Sports, FIBA, EuroParcs and a Greek sports channel, among others. We also work with 360SportsIntelligence in the field of automatic cameras for sports productions. The cooperation with 360SI allows us to support clubs and associations in telling their unique and story.

In September 2022, we launched our project “ByTomorrow streaming platform.” We have already had the opportunity to do several pilots with Vitesse, Enfusion Kickboxing, Dutch Basketball Association, American West Virginia Miners and with Zonderland & Van Zeijl, among others. The pilots have been successfully completed and we now offer our platform as a SaaS product under the name “JUMP”!

To be continued…
Meanwhile, we are helping dozens of companies and sports organizations to be ready for tomorrow. But we have only just started, still have a huge amount of inspiration, motivation and dreams. So the ByTomorrow story has only just begun!


Our team

We are the individuals behind the start-up ByTomorrow. A small but mega motivated team dedicated to our clients every day. We are growing fast so keep a close eye on this page to stay up to date with the faces behind ByTomorrow.

We also enjoy working with our partners immensely. All our partners have their own expertise and together we help our clients tell, spread and market the unique stories.

Our partners

Patrick van Mil

My name is Patrick and I am co-owner of ByTomorrow. I followed the courses CE- SportMarketing and Management (Rotterdam) and Johan Cruyff Institute (Amsterdam). During my studies I started working at Vitesse Arnhem. Here I worked with passion for about five years.

I get energy from people around me, I like to play soccer and spend way too much time on YouTube. Within ByTomorrow I am mainly concerned with business development, our strategy, processes, the growth of ByTomorrow and all peripheral issues involved in entrepreneurship. I also like to (occasionally) play a game of table tennis and have a drink on Friday afternoon at our new office.

I am immensely proud of what we have accomplished this past year. Because of the new office, we now have a nice space where we can take the next steps. I would say keep following us, because a lot of cool things are going to happen!

Communications & Multimedia Design intern

Tom van de Weerdhof

Hello all I will introduce myself nicely:

My name is Tom van de Weerdhof, I am 25 years old and I am from Veenendaal. I am currently working on my graduation project for ByTomorrow. I am doing this for my degree in Communication & Multimedia Design and I am currently busy with research on branding. At the moment I am working on things like communication and design for ByTomorrow.

I myself am extremely interested in everything to do with media and sports and therefore ByTomorrow is the ideal place for me to work. Besides media and sports, I also follow the gaming and esports world closely. I also sport myself: I play soccer here in Veenendaal at VRC, sometimes I run and sometimes I go to the gym.

At the moment I am very busy working with the entire ByTomorrow team on the future vision of the company. I am very curious what you think of the plans we are working on and I hope to be able to reveal all this when my project is completed in January. Anyway until then or maybe before.

Digital Marketer

Sebastiaan Kwint

My name is Sebastiaan Kwint and since August 2021 I have been working at ByTomorrow as a marketer. In July 2021 I finished my studies in Sports Science with a major in Sports Marketing. After my graduation year at N.E.C. I got the great opportunity to get started at ByTomorrow.

In the eight months that I have been working here I have experienced many great moments, such as: the 3X3 UNITES World Tour in Utrecht, the PSD-Bank-Cup in Cologne (in collaboration with our partner Allus Media) and together with our client Automotive Auctions an enormous growth in brand awareness.

I also enjoy having daily contact with our clients, but most importantly, I have developed myself tremendously as a marketer and as a person. Besides my work, I play soccer and like to meet up with friends or my girlfriend. I am looking forward to this coming year in which hopefully we can make many more great strides!

Software Development Intern

Esmee van Leeuwen

Hi all, my name is Esmee van Leeuwen.

I am a student at Technova, where I am studying Software Development. At the moment I am doing my graduation internship. During my internship I am working on the page builder of the ByTomorrow platform. In the page builder, customers of the platform can create their own platform completely in their own style by means of text blocks, photos, various carousels and videos. I am in the process of revamping the page builder to make it work even better and look nicer!

The start of the internship was a warm welcome, with friendly and helpful colleagues. I am helped well on my way here and can go to anyone with questions, we also have a nice lunch every afternoon!

I also work at Charim, where I make sure the residents have a good time. I am also busy saving to realize my plans to travel after graduation!

I am looking forward to the experiences and knowledge I will gain in the coming months at ByTomorrow and eventually apply that in a nice tool!

Marketing & Communications intern

Max Zoetekouw

Hello all I will introduce myself nicely: My name is Max Zoetekouw, I am 19 years old and I come from the beautiful town of Druten. I am currently in my third year of studying Commercial Economics at Avans University of Applied Sciences. I am currently busy with a business assignment that I am carrying out using the PDCA cycle. This assignment relates to the social media of ByTomorrow and here the goal is to correctly convey the positioning of ByTomorrow and thus increase its reach.

In my spare time I like to be busy with sports. I play tennis, go to the gym, used to play soccer for several years and play table tennis at a very high level in the office. I also enjoy following different sports closely such as: soccer and basketball.

Given my interest in sports and marketing, ByTomorrow seemed like the ideal place for me to do an internship. It also appealed to me to perform marketing work for different companies. Every client is different and needs a different approach and I would like to learn more about that.

So in the next three months you will see plenty of content from my company assignment coming by and feel free to stop by to get acquainted!

Software Development Intern

Jonathan Voortman

Hello all, my name is Jonathan Voortman, I am 19 years old and from Veenendaal.

I am now in my 3rd year of studying application and media development and am working on my graduation project for ByTomorrow. I am working together with Esmee to integrate the new page builder. With the new page builder users can create and customize their platforms in their own style even easier and better. We will be launching the page builder in early January!

Once the page builder is launched, we will start working on a new version of the admin portal. Here will be a new version of the dashboard where our users will have even more insight into viewer data.
In my spare time I am also very much into developing solutions and automation.

I enjoy making things run as efficiently as possible and using software to solve problems that people run into.

I hope I can add value to ByTomorrow in the next three months and hope we can give customers a good experience on the platform!

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