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Increasingly, companies are seeing the power of combining content and digital. For example, many businesses are already built entirely on social media. Influencers also build their entire revenue model on channels like YouTube, Instagram and Twitch. But the downside is the dependence on these platforms. When you post something on these channels, you lose ownership of your content, you don’t receive viewer data and there are few revenue models possible.

This is why we built our own OTT platform. This way we give our clients the opportunity to regain control over their content, data and revenue. In addition, we have noticed that the front end of existing OTT platform is very mediocre, clients can customize some blocks but it will never feel like their own website. We have therefore built our platform so that our clients can build a platform, on their own domain and brand it completely in their own corporate identity.

This way it really feels like its own platform, with its own content, its own data and its own revenue models.

Start your own Jump platform!

Studio II

Together with Willem II & Fier Bemiddeling we created the concept Studio II. A studio in the skybox of Fier Bemiddeling in the Koning Willem II stadium.

More and more (live) productions are used for presenting annual figures, informing staff and for studio programs. Because of this trend, we came upon the concept of Studio II.

Studio II is for rent for business club members and partners of Willem II. It can also be used by Willem II for the recordings of Willem II TV.