Austrian Baseball Softball Federation

Austrian Baseball Softball Federation

2023 – Present

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All top matches of the Austrian Baseball and Softball Leagues

About the Austrian Baseball Softball Federation:

The Austrian Baseball Softball Federation (ABF) is recognized as the overarching organization that promotes the development and advancement of baseball and softball in Austria. As a leading sports federation, the ABF aims to foster athletic growth, organize competitions, and cultivate the love for baseball and softball among players and fans nationwide. Serving as the hub of the baseball community in Austria, the ABF’s dedication extends beyond the fields, with a focus on strengthening the foundations of the sport at all levels.

About the Collaboration:

In a successful collaboration with the Austrian Baseball Federation, JUMP has provided the platform through which the ABF broadcasts all their top-tier baseball and softball matches. The shared objective is to make the sport more accessible and reach a broader audience. With thousands of viewers already enjoying the games, this collaboration marks a significant stride in increasing the popularity and engagement of baseball and softball in Austria.

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Austrian Baseball Softball Federation