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2022 – present

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Unique collaboration to advance the cultural sector!

About the company
SoundWhere is a unique service for artists and venues to stream live concerts and events ‘location based’ anywhere in the world. Free or ticketed. Local or global. DIY or maintained by SoundWhere. Hassle-free and accessible to all. Furthermore, SoundWhere takes care of rights issues, secure payments and promotional tools.

What does the collaboration entail?
ByTomorrow and SoundWhere are working together to support the cultural sector with (new) digital revenue models. With the collaboration, ByTomorrow is also launching a new feature in the platform, geofencing. With geofencing, creators can offer content to their target audiences with accuracy down to a few meters. Geofencing is interesting for a wide range of creators to offer, for example, second screen experiences in stadiums but also to give extra experience to cycling and walking tours.

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