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About the company

Automotive Auctions specializes in selling exclusive vehicles and vintage cars at home and abroad. This is done through online auctions: a fascinating process in which an optimal experience is ensured. Automotive Auctions believes that selling and buying a beautiful car for both parties should be a warm experience. With attention to both seller and buyer Automotive Auctions makes the transaction a special experience. On the viewing days, the cars can also be seen live in the unique showrooms in Boxmeer and Tiel.

What does the collaboration entail?

The cooperation with Automotive Auctions started in September 2021. We started with support in the areas of positioning, marketing and content. To achieve optimal results, we sit together weekly to discuss reports, campaigns and planning.

Meanwhile, we have already made a lot of steps together and are expanding the work. For example, we are increasingly involved in major projects such as international growth, creating a new website and optimizing internal processes.

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Automotive Auctions