Emil Frey

Emil Frey

2022 – present

  • Marketing

A new way to recruit!

Emil Frey Nederland NV is a subsidiary of the Swiss Emil Frey Group. Emil Frey, a family-owned company founded in 1924, has grown into one of the largest automotive companies in Europe, in part through the acquisition of PGA.

Emil Frey Nederland NV is one of the largest automotive retail organizations in the Netherlands and represents 23 different car brands in the Netherlands.

Emil Frey Nederland NV strives for a leading position in the Dutch automotive industry. Customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction are central to this. After all, real added value for the customer can only be realized with and through satisfied employees.

What does the cooperation entail?

The cooperation with Emil Frey Netherlands dates back to 2022, where we started setting up measurability. We did this for their dedicated website werkenbijemilfrey.nl, a website set up for job openings at the organization.
Emil Frey wanted to know more about website events and be able to better apply this within their recruitment campaigns on Facebook.

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