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International growth for Knegt International!

About the company

Knegt Quality Tractors was born out of the high demand and low supply of strong and versatile compact tractors at an affordable price. Knegt supplies tractors, tractor accessories and implements all over the world. In addition, Knegt is a proud supplier of an all-electric tractor.

Initially, the Knegt Tractor was developed for the equestrian sector, but due to the combination of a small turning radius with large lifting capacity and its very complete equipment, demand soon arose from other sectors such as, gardening and forestry, landscapers, leisure and sports facilities.

Thanks to the current expansion possibilities and a choice of accessories, Knegt Quality Tractors offers the right compact tractor for every sector.

What does the cooperation entail?

The cooperation with Knegt began in February 2021. We started setting up different marketing campaigns based on different objectives. One objective was to make Knegt known among a global target group. By means of various (digital) marketing campaigns, we ensured that Knegt now supplies customers in several European countries! In addition to online campaigns for sales, today we also advertise for recruiting.

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