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Zonderland & Van Zeijl

2022 – 2023

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About the company

In late 2021, Candide van Zeijl and Maartje Zonderland joined forces to continue together under the name Zonderland & Van Zeijl. Are you active in human or veterinary care and looking for experts in the field of healthcare logistics, integral capacity management, supply chain management, commodity logistics, Lean, data-driven process optimization, veterinary capacity management or integral process optimization for specialty pharmaceutical care, then Zonderland & Van Zeijl is the right company for you. For implementation with impact!

What does the collaboration entail?

Together with Zonderland & Van Zeijl and with CMedia, we have developed the online course Veterinary Capacity Management. This training can be found on ZvZ’s JUMP platform.

In addition to the platform, we also support Zonderland & Van Zeijl with marketing the learning platform. Since the course is written for an international target group, we devised various marketing campaigns to reach and activate this target group.

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